When Bohemia finds a Piano

Well I do not really have much to say for this, it’s all pretty much in video and how cool this is cannot be described in words, for you can see the man’s passion for music in his expressions! 😀

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Happy Birthday!

That’s right, its October 15, its the date when the world gained something pure, something different, a legend, a pioneer, a mixture of something long awaited and 1979, the king was born, growing up only to claim what truly belonged to his majesty and his only! He was here to claim the throne of Punjabi Rap!

Happy Birthday Bohemia! We love you, and will always do!

Just as much you belong to Punjabi Rap, your songs belong in our hearts and beyond!
Just keep doing what you always do, going with your flow and its all for the BEST!

Happy Birthday BOHEMIA!

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Wow, its been a long time since I blogged here, even more than an year. Well I was busy I guess.

Anyways, Bohemia’s music has always been with me when I felt the dark side of life. The latest thing he came up with is Rooh! So check it out!
Its one of the songs before which he must have been like, “Enough with this rap thing, let’s experiment!”
Haha, experiments, I love them!

Not gonna keep you waiting any longer,

Download Rooh by Bohemia

I’ll be updating the website more often from now on.

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Koi Na || Lela || Beparwah || Desi Putt Jawan || Future

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Hazar Gallan

After listening to the preview track-list, I was so eager to listen to the complete versions of those songs so I kept on looking in the internet for you guys and well I succeeded!
I found three songs!

Download Hazar Gallan.
Download Faqeer.
Download Na Suno.
(Click to download)

Hazar Gallan

(If the video doesn’t work, you can still download the song through Mediafire.)





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Tracklist Preview

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Another Teaser || Track-list || Four Days To Go

After watching this video, I think Bohemia is going to introduce rock clashing with rap in his new album!

The Track-list of Thousand Thoughts has been released via his official website!

  1. Koi Nai [Intro]
  2. Beparwah Feat. Devika
  3. Faqeer
  4. Lela
  5. Na Suno Feat. Jasmine Sandlas [Album mix]
  6. Desi Putt Javaan
  7. Aja Ni Aja Feat. Baby Bash
  8. IDGAF Feat. Haji Springer 
  9. Hazaar Gallan [Thousand Thoughts]
  10. Right Now Feat. 3AM
  11. Future

Just four more days until its release! Stay updated on Bohemia only on this blog! 😀

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