D Souljaz Advertising Fake.

You must be familiar with  *D Souljaz * ,so according to their facebook page, They published status about a album(Desi Hustle) which was to be realeased featuring many Desi Hip Hop Rappers such as Punjabi MC , 3 Singhs , Young
Prozpekt , Bohemia , Deep Cold and Kamla Panjabi. It is not sure about other rappers but J. hind and Bohemia ,their-selfs tweeted that they are not in the album and would not allow anyone to use their name as such.They even stated that the Desi Hustle,Album Teaser Video was fake.
Bohemia tweeted – If you are promoting your shit. Keep other artists name out your mouth.” , Indirectly referring D Souljaz.
Not Just that , J.hind Tweeted a number of times about the fake advertising –DESI HUSTLE ad is a gimmick. BOHEMIA & J.HIND are not permitting anyone 2 use BOHEMIA’s name in a fake ad. BOHEMIA is not on this fake CD.
It has been noticed that even after certain warnings D Souljaz has not stopped advertising .
For further details –
D Souljaz facebook page
Bohemia’s Twitter
J.Hinds Twitter
Desi Hustle Teaser

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