Desi Playyaz

Watch India’s Got Talent?
Ever heard of Dil Di Awaaz by Harmeet Cheema , Bikram Bhullar?

Awesome song!

Click here for Lyrics!

Download it here!

Harmeet Cheema , Bikram Bhullar(Desi Playyaz) Biography

Inspired from Former Rappers with modern day Punjabi/Desi hip hop and rap music for the last couple of years,  they got into rapping/writing and production of new age music. Their style of music is West coast American hip hop, with a flavour of catchy punjabi lyrics.
They had performed in India’s Biggest talent show called ‘Indias Got Talent’ which aired on Colors TV channel, nationally in 2009. After the show, They gained immense popularity nationwide, and overseas. Their music targets the youth, and they would to introduce a new sound for Desi Hip Hop in the indian market.Till now they have released 5 songs , not officially (just on the blog) .It is observed that they may release album in October ,the news has not been confirmed.

Click here to go to their blog!

Keeping the Desi Hip Hop Alive!

Long Live Desi Life!

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  1. Amazing post. I have bookmarked your site. I am looking forward to reading more

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