Is it all happening again ?
Did you ever notice ?
Tupac bought rap life in US ..And now it is pioneered in India by Bohemia! And not just that, Bohemia has started a category , a genre of music , you know what i mean right?
Desi Hip Hop!
I mean it is not that easy to start a genre,it takes spirit , heart , soul , and most important reality.Just like Tupac ,Bohemia is same in a way..
Its just inspiration, I am sure in next 5 years , we will have many rappers..And 5 years is very far thing , Check now days – Desi Playyaz , Imran Khan , D Souljaz , Kamla Panjabi , J.Hind ,etc..
What do you think ? Did they just started rapping over?
No.It is inspiration what came in their minds .
And about 75% of are  inspired by Bohemia!
Some people start , some people continue , Some people have same thing in their mind as Bohemia but didn’t spit it out before him , some people had it always on their minds but they thought to leave it and now they are back.

That is life.

Long live Desi Hip Hop!
Keepin the Desi Shit at its peak!

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One Response to Inspiration!

  1. Bohemia says:

    I Love Tupac since I was a kid!

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