Daru Diya Botlan

Bohemia’s new song Daru Diya Bottlan Feat. D-Beam(Desi Beam)
Its good song..But i wish he could rap like he did in Vich Pardesan De.
Here’s the link.

You can download by clicking here.
Thanks to Aman S. Aneja for the link.

Don’t forget to hear the radio show of Bohemia  with Rj Mani on FM95 Toba Tek Singh Punjab’s ‘Last hour of the month’ show @ 11:00PM PST. Jan. 31st. 2011!!

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2 Responses to Daru Diya Botlan

  1. Hey bro everything is being claimed…. Isnt it disappointing…

    • Piintoooo says:

      lol sorry i dont really run it anymore like beforre..i am kinda busy and lazy these days..sorrryyyyyyy…Great u told this..i was even thinking, that its kinda ..u know..Wount happen again.

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