Jee Karda!

Finally I found something new related to Bohemia, its so tough looking for Bohemia everywhere, he’s not been updating anything. Difficult to reach him, you know what I am saying?

Enjoy –

Bringing some desi beats back to the hood!!

“Jithe meh jamiya othe de gal, do cheza vaj di Punjab vich
ek tumbi te duje gaddi de back seat te ek botal shraab de khich”

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5 Responses to Jee Karda!

  1. Ginni Singh says:


    THe BEST SITE For Bohemia’s FANS 🙂

    VIsit Daily to your Website

  2. fan says:

    where is the song?

  3. Akki Arora says:

    deleted ?? :/

  4. kamesh kaushal says:

    DELETED ????????

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