Unreleased Promo!

Not a very clear one but still worth it!

And for you guys asking about videos I post on blog not being able to be viewed, it is because Bohemia is really strict about his recordings, he copyrights and sues as fast as he can.

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11 Responses to Unreleased Promo!

  1. I cant Watch the Video Watz Da pRob Dude………..?????????

  2. Ok Ths Dude……If u Find It Plz post It………:)

  3. Altaf Khan says:

    Waiting for Album

  4. Dude Nuthin New Abt Bohemia……..????

  5. Oh Datz Gr8…….Maybe I Think In may…….Coz Da Rap Star Was Also Released like Diz…….:) 😀

  6. Tajinder says:

    Nyc man, i downloaded it

  7. Smart Gangzter (@smart_gangzter) says:

    Album Will B Releasing On 3 July Digitally Nd On 7th July In Stores………. 😀

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