Talli || Thousand Thoughts

Now I am really getting excited about Thousand Thoughts, and the feelings of exuberance are filling me up, my ears hearing those teasers and wishing for more and more.
Hell yeah! I am having Thousand Thoughts for Thousand Thoughts Album! Haha..
Check it out, its the latest teaser out yet.
It is called Talli and it has a desi touch of Tumbi in it feat. Tigerstyle and Gitta Bains!!
If you don’t remember who Gitta Bains is, click here for an earlier post of mine.

And for all you guys asking about when the album is going to be released, rumors suggest that it is going to be released this summer only, in July. I am sorry if this sounds a bit vague though, but that’s all I got.

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2 Responses to Talli || Thousand Thoughts

  1. manudeep rapstar says:

    yr abhi to iska sirf promo aaya h…..

  2. abhishake says:

    kab niklega album

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